Not doing your Jabra at CompUSA

Jabra BT8040

I finally caved in, cut the cord and bought one of those ubiquitous bluetooth headsets for my cell phone. “Headset” is a bit of a misnomer, actually. The thing is about the size of a nickel and weighs a gram and a half soaking wet. Anyway, it works great and now I can walk around and make everyone think I’m talking to myself.

The first problem occurred when I bought the device in a mysterious “bulk pack”. Later, I was put on hold for 12 days by the manufacturer.

After much internet research, I zeroed in on the Jabra BT8040. It looked great and came with glowing user reivews. Like any self-respecting online shopper, I searched for the best deal I could find. CompUSA quickly rose to the top of the list as the cheapest price for what they referred to as a “bulk pack”. Hmm. I emailed their customer service to ask what that actually meant, as there was no description on their website. No response.

I took the plunge and ordered anyway, figuring I could return it if “bulk” somehow meant SuperSized and the thing arrived the size of a loaf of bread. Turns out “bulk pack” means the device is not packaged for retail sale and does not include all the extras like a printed manual, display box and additional ear gels. The manual I could find easily enough online. The display box would go right in the landfill anyway. But it turns out I could really use the ear gels to get a better fit.

Jabra did not have any ear gels available on their site. I Googled till I was blue in the browser but could not find anyone selling ear gels for this device. I emailed Jabra customer support asking where I could find them. Got a quick reply saying they recieved my message and would respond within 1-2 business days. By the time I heard back from them, twelve days had elapsed. TWELVE. Now I realize there was a holiday weekend in there somewhere, but we’re talking almost two weeks.

Jabra said the ear gels are not available for sale by them or anyone else. But they offered to send me some gratis 🙂  OK, now they’re being customer friendly. But if it takes 12 days to reply to an email, I can hardly wait to see how long it will take to ship some accessories.

And note to CompUSA: please be more descriptive on your website. “Bulk pack” is not common terminology to us laymen. Tell me what I get and what I don’t.


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