8 Indispensable Tactics to Supercharge Your Marketing Today!

We have all heard the grim and dire reports of sinking consumer confidence and the challenges of the worldwide economic crisis. Whether you are a B2B or B2C marketer, your business has no doubt suffered. But fear not! This list of proven strategies is sure to get your brand buzzing and generate that elusive demand you’ve been searching for.

1. Write a blog post

You no longer need to wait for mainstream press outlets to pick up your latest product or service news. You can and should be your own publisher. Your audience is just waiting to engage with your brand, and using the latest new media will make you seem hip in their eyes, even if you’re really not.

2. Include a numbered list

Market research has shown that people like to count. One such report dubbed this phenomenon “The Sesame Street Effect,” noting that numbers give people a sense of confidence and competence. You always know where you are and how far you have to go. The ideal number is between seven and nine. Keep reading. You can do it.

3. Generate a sense of urgency

Did you ever wonder why coupons have an expiration date? They are not like cheese. If you tell someone they can only do something for a limited time, they are inclined to rush right out and do it, whether or not they really want to. Act now to take advantage of this opportunity.

4. Post links to your blog throughout your social network

If a blog is posted online, but no one tweets about it, does it make a sound? Probably just a dull thud. Don’t make your audience Google themselves silly trying to find out what you have to say. You want your message to be everywhere, especially those high traffic areas. In the old days, we called this graffiti. Today, we know it as social media.

5. Solicit comments

The only thing better than having your readers see your message is having them see THEIR message. This is your opportunity to feed the egos in your audience by giving them a ready platform to spout their own wisdom and look smart in the eyes of a bunch of people they’ll never actually meet. Let us know what you think.

6. Comment on other blogs

If you are lazy and have not cultivated a large number of readers, followers, friends, connections or other online soul-mates, you can simply ride the coat-tails of those who have. Think big: NYT, CNN, Ashton Kutcher. This is like flying a branded blimp over a crowded football stadium. Someone down there might actually be interested, even if your message is slightly off topic. Be sure to include a self-promotional link to your own blog. This is a perfect example.

7. Build rapport

As a consumer, you are most loyal to brands and businesses that you can personally identify with. If you’re like me, you are quickly turned off by advertising that simply touts the benefits of a product or service. Instead, we like to feel listened to, understood and valued. Don’t you think so?

8. Use humor

A brand should have a personality to let you know that there are actual humans involved. Taking yourself too seriously is a sure recipe for failure, unless you are saving lives. The subtle use of self-referential satire, spoof and sarcasm can go a long way, if it’s all in good fun. Oh, and hyperbole is the best technique ever!


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  1. I love this post! You should really read it.

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